A Christmas Story from Lakeland


The following blog post is not specifically related to Camper-Vanning or The Settle and Carlisle Railway but I am sure you will find the story fascinating. These events occurred a number of years ago. I have told only a handful of close friends and family, preferring to keep this incredible tale to myself. But now I am happy to reveal all as I feel the time is right. So here it is, wart`s and all! At least most of it! I have kept a very small piece of the story to myself, as I believe even you dear friend would not be able to comprehend all .............

Some names & fine detail have been changed to protect privacy.

A very happy Christmas to everyone!

My head lowered back onto the settee almost out of control. I was exhausted. “Fat and full” after a huge English Breakfast or perhaps more accurately, brunch. Somewhere in another world I could vaguely hear a voice:

“Do you want another mug of tea Nick?”. I felt my hand being gripped lightly, “Nick here’s your tea, I’ll put it on the table for you. Don`t let it go cold.”

Jack my Collie had crept up with me onto the settee. He had escaped Sue's attention and was snuggled in next to me, my left arm wrapped snugly around him. By now I was somewhere else and the tea would have to wait. I was warm, well fed and exhausted. I was in that world so often visited where we can simply no longer keep our eyes open.


Coleman 295 Lantern

blogEntryThumbnailI have owned a Coleman 295 Powerhouse Unleaded Lantern for many years. Mine was made in October 1992, 21 years old; all Coleman's have the date stamped on the bottom. I bought the lantern from a fisherman and used it occasionally on campsites, at motorcycle shows & in my T4 camper van.

As I have been sorting out my gear for our year living off the grid, I came across the Coleman, still in the original box & looking in great condition. At first I thought I would clean it up a bit and sell it but I have now decided to keep it as a standby light & heat source.